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Northwest Talent Solutions is a global talent acquisition and DEI consulting firm partnering with private and public sector companies ranging from start-up to the Fortune 500.

We scale the talent landscapes of our clients beyond the talent bar and into brands that will attract, engage, hire and retain the market’s best Healthcare, Technology and Finance talent.

Nikita Steals,
Founder & CEO of Northwest Talent Solutions

“She is the Founder & CEO of Northwest Talent Solutions, the only firm of its kind to blend holistic talent acquisition with DEI solutions for clients in both the private industry and public sector.”


Our mission is to empower our clients to consistently capture the moments that matter when engaging the world’s best talent; to assist clients in mitigating against disparity within hiring processes, and to adopt technologies that enable exceptional performance within diverse environments across the globe.


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About Northwest Talent Solutions

Beyond talent pipelines. Beyond “time to fill.” Beyond compliance, and into the realm of building high-performing, committed, diverse workforces focused on success at the individual, team and organizational levels.

Our Services Metrics

77% Sourcing channel effectiveness
88% Interview to offer ratio
93% Recruitment funnel effectiveness
Bare minimum adverse impact

21% less cost per hire for customers

28% higher recruiting conversion rate for Tech hires

22% less turnover rate per hire

31% increase in gender diversity per role

29% increase in ethnicity diversity per role

93% offer acceptance rate

Our Differentiation

Northwest Talent Solutions leverages ethical AI products to ensure efficient, bias-free candidate engagement at the attraction, hiring and offer stages of the talent lifecycle.  On average, we enable our clients to diversify talent pools by a minimum of 25% year over year, and to reduce time to hire by a minimum of 40% year over year.  By combining the best recruiting technologies with experts that focus on compliance and metrics-driven outcomes, we provide industry leading capabilities to meet your hiring and diversity goals at scale, and on time.

Diversity Statement

Northwest Talent Solutions champions diversity, equity and inclusion practices throughout the entirety of our talent lifecycle. We consistently hold commitment to partnering with viable candidates and ethical, inclusive companies irrespective of race, color, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability status, veteran status, familial status, or genetic information of our employees, contractors, customers, vendors or media representatives. We are high-performing, heart-centered leaders and human capital experts with a deep focus of doing the right things for the right reasons.

Core Values


Bar-raising Performance




Continuous Learning


Featured Services

Professional Search

As committed and high-performing talent acquisition industry leaders, we connect private and public sector companies with the best talent for their companies and fundamentally embrace that one size does not fit all in terms of search.  Northwest Talent Solutions will conduct a thorough requisition analysis and customize effective search approaches to provide you with a diverse slate of candidates for each senior to executive level need.

Hourly Consulting

At Northwest Talent Solutions, high performance teams are in place to effectively address your short- and long-term project needs.  Our data-driven, AI based, turnkey consultant delivery engine enables our teams to immediately source, screen, evaluate and advance talent for your review, at scale and on time.

Recruitment Placement Outsourcing

Our RPO Solutions help place your HR and TA teams at ease as we manage the heavy lifting of volume candidate generation, effective candidate screening, interview scheduling, offer negotiation, candidate dispositioning and assistance with onboarding.  Our solid candidate engagement best practices, top-notch technologies, extensive professional networks, and clear predictive analytics ensure that we meet your hiring demand with the best talent for your organization, at scale and on time.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training

With today’s evolving talent market, there is a tremendous opportunity for many organizations to evolve perceptions around identifying, engaging, and retaining the market’s most talented, diverse talent.  A holistic, engaging DEI strategy will place your organization first in line to reap the rewards of having diverse talent, skills, and abilities on your team.  Through partnering with Northwest Talent Solutions, you will learn industry compliant, engaging approaches to mechanizing against disparity in hiring.

Executive Coaching and North Star Development

Executive Coaching and North Star Development consulting provided by the Northwest Talent Solutions network of expert consultants empowers executives and their teams the ability to navigate the complexities of compensation & benefits, performance management, talent lifecycle analysis and DEI training to build a holistically healthy environments for our clients. Our approach is firmly rooted in creating success for our clients at the individual, team, and organizational levels.

Skill set Expertise

The depth and breadth of our geographical and industry reach allows us to meet our customers where they are. Maintaining a close pulse rate on not only today’s market, but what is emerging- the Northwest talent team seeks to understand ways to create deeper impact that frees our customers up from the pain points of cultivating remote and/ or hybrid workforce growth.




“Every one of us inherently possesses a unique combination of traits, skills, talents and abilities that can only grow through experience. So, if I had any advice for the masses, it would be to continually strive to identify your own unique skills, talents and abilities. Once you discover them, never compromise on developing them. The reason we’re all different, with diverse life experiences and varied perspectives, is that the world benefits from this diversity. So, find yourself, give your best to the world, and the world will reward you in return.”

Nikita Steals,

Authority Magazine article, Jan 10, 2024


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