Staffing & Recruiting

Step 1

Deep Needs Analysis

Our process starts with understanding your go-to-market strategies, objectives, pain points and company aspirations to ensure our recruitment strategy aligns with your goals. We operate as an extension of your HR and TA teams and protect your brand while building diverse pipelines of the best candidates for your open roles.

Step 2

Profile the Ideal Candidates

We profile your ideal candidates with a thorough definition of the skills, experience, mindset, and DNA necessary to be successful in the role. We place for the long-term, ensuring both a tangible skill set match and an intrinsic company culture match.

Step 3

Targeted Direct Sourcing of Passive Talent

Our targeted search methodology identifies, attracts, engages, and delivers top talent who have demonstrated a trajectory of growth and development in their career tracks over the past 7-10 years. Building pipelines of candidates with sustained high performance is our specialty.

Step 4

Scientific Assessment and Reference Checking

Every Northwest Talent Solutions candidate is meticulously screened by a senior talent expert as we leverage a unique mix of advanced tools including track-record verification, behavior-based interviews and role playing, psychometric profiling and benchmarking followed by a comprehensive reference evaluation.

Hourly Consulting

At Northwest Talent Solutions, high performance teams are in place to effectively address your short- and long-term project needs. Our data-driven, AI based, turnkey consultant delivery engine enables our teams to immediately source, screen, evaluate and advance talent for your review, at scale and on time.

Our Hourly Consulting services at Northwest Talent Solutions are designed to meet both short- and long-term project demands with unparalleled efficiency. Anchored by our high-performance teams, we offer a seamless blend of data-driven insights and advanced AI technology. This powerful combination forms the backbone of our consultant delivery engine, enabling rapid sourcing, screening, and evaluation of talent.

We pride ourselves on our ability to swiftly adapt to your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless talent flow that aligns with your timelines and scales. Our process is not just about filling roles; it’s about providing precisely vetted talent that integrates effortlessly into your projects, driving them forward with expertise and agility. Whether you need immediate assistance or long-term support, our Hourly Consulting services stand ready to enhance your project outcomes with the right talent, exactly when you need it.

Recruitment Placement Outsourcing (RPO) Products

Our RPO helps place your HR and TA teams at ease as we manage the heavy lifting of volume candidate generation, effective candidate screening, interview scheduling, offer negotiation, candidate dispositioning and assistance with onboarding. Our solid candidate engagement best practices, top-notch technologies, extensive professional networks, and clear predictive analytics ensure that we meet your hiring demand with the best talent for your organization, at scale and on time.

With an RPO Partnership with Northwest Talent Solutions, our team partner with your company hiring a viable, diverse workforce which will create your trajectory to increase revenues and profits, build partnership capabilities, close skills gaps, break into emerging markets, and materialize your goals in developing new products. As your RPO partner, we will build an air-tight strategy to help you, as a hiring manager to engage and hire the right people, build the right hiring processes, and provide you with talent intelligence that will help you deliver on your promises to your stakeholders. We look forward to helping you fulfill your long-term company vision.

Customizable RPO Solutions:

Full Lifecycle RPO

Our sourcing and recruiting experts will take responsibility for your entire recruiting function including attracting, engaging hiring, and onboarding high-quality, diverse talent to ensure you are positioned to meet the demands of your business, in real time.

Project-based RPO

Our project-based recruiting solution will help you prepare for a significant business change such as new product launch, digital transformation project, business reorganization, merger/acquisition, or technical innovation requirement.

Agile RPO

Our talent experts will become a temporary consulting arm to your business by seamlessly partnering with your in-house team to provide talent services that your teams may not currently have the bandwidth for.

Strategic sourcing

Our expert sourcing teams will focus on building viable talent pipelines, at scale, to give your recruiters and hiring managers more time and bandwidth to focus on their in-house priorities. Our team leverages highly effective AI technology and talent intelligence to source high-quality, diverse talent, and can scale up or down based on business needs.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training/ Consulting

With today’s evolving talent market, there is a tremendous opportunity for many organizations to evolve perceptions around identifying, engaging, and retaining the market’s most diverse talent. A holistic, engaging DEI strategy will place your organization first in line to reap the rewards of having diverse talent, skills, and abilities on your team. Through partnering with Northwest Talent Solutions, you will learn industry compliant, engaging approaches to mechanizing against disparity in hiring, performance management and retention within your talent lifecycle. As your partner in building or refining your DEI strategy, we will equip you with the knowledge, insights, and confidence to build and lead an inclusive organization. Northwest will assist you on your DEI journey and help you to celebrate the wins in the process.

In the dynamic talent market of today, Northwest Talent Solutions recognizes the essential role of diversity in driving organizational success. We offer comprehensive DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) training and consulting services, tailored to help organizations break new ground in cultivating and retaining a diverse workforce. Our approach involves deploying industry-compliant, engaging strategies that actively address disparities in hiring, performance management, and retention.

We dont just consult; we partner with you to develop or refine your DEI strategy, providing the necessary tools, insights, and guidance to foster an inclusive organizational culture. Our goal is to empower you to not only build but also lead a workforce that truly reflects the rich tapestry of talents, skills, and perspectives in todays global market. By joining forces with Northwest, you embark on a DEI journey that celebrates incremental victories and contributes to a more equitable and inclusive workplace.

Executive Coaching and North Star Development

Executive Coaching and North Star Development consulting provided by the Northwest Talent Solutions network of expert consultants empowers executives and their teams the ability to navigate the complexities of compensation & benefits, performance management, talent lifecycle analysis and DEI training to build a holistically healthy environments for our clients. Our approach is firmly rooted in creating success for our clients at the individual, team, and organizational levels.

  1. Personalized Coaching for Executives: Our coaching sessions are designed to meet the unique strengths and areas of development for executives. We delve into the “thinking behind the thinking” of the leaders we support to then examine the intricacies of the overall organization. We can help facilitate feedback loops, relieve bottlenecks in people, processes, and technology, and to create healthy connective tissues between executives and their organizations. Through personalized coaching, we equip you with the skills to address challenges and harness opportunities effectively – leading to simplified pathways to scale.
  2. Mastering Feedback Loops and Causal Relationships: Understanding the interconnectedness of elements within an environment is crucial for effective leadership. Our coaching dives into the world of feedback loops, helping you recognize reinforcing and balancing feedback structures. With a solid grasp of causal relationships, you can proactively intervene to guide your organization toward desired outcomes.
  3. Decision-Making in Human-Element Based Environments: Navigating the dynamic landscape of today’s need for human-element based leadership demands a high adaptability quotient for leaders. The Northwest Talent Solutions approach to coaching keys in on your ability to model scenarios, examine potential outcomes and to land on pathways that serve your north star vision.


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